What is Website ?

A website is a collection of individual pages of information from the same source on the Internet which include digital media and written content. A website is composed of a main page, called a homepage, and several subpages, all of which are connected using hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are words or images on a page which load a different web address when clicked on. The target web address can be an internal page on the same site, or a different site altogether. A network of computers called a server stores websites, and these servers are maintained by hosting providers which sell space on the servers to businesses and individuals. As the hosting provider's responsibility is to make sure the servers are always running, you can ensure your website is always available to the public.

What is website design?

Design is collecting, arranging, and implementing ideas for a specifically desired outcome. These ideas are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner according to an established set of guidelines. Web design takes this process to the Internet, collecting, arranging, and implementing ideas in an electronic format on web pages, which are accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection through the use of a web browser.

How does having a website help your business?

Websites are a great medium to reach your potential and existing clients where they are, which more and more seems to be online. Customers ideally can find your business online when doing a targeting search for the products or services you offer, and can make a purchase without having to be in a specific location. The incorporation of blogs into a business website can help companies engage their customers and develop relationships that can translate into brand loyalty and increased sales.

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