Fund Your Idea

We are able to lend 100k – 500 million to make your idea a reality. If your credit does not allow the business loan, we are able to give you a partial loan while our sister company fixes your credit to get the larger portion of your loan. We WILL get you funded!!!

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Create your CBD / THC product

We have a fully operational biochemistry lab and have been creating CBD products for many big name companies. Let us turn your idea into a reality.

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Market Your Product

Velocity SEO has already made and optimized sites to first page ranking. This is so when we create a product for our clients, we can hand them a website that already has traffic to begin making money right away. We have an example of this below. CHECK IT OUT!

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Velocity SEO is partners with Cannabinoid Water

Our headquarters is located inside the Cannabinoid Bio-Chemistry Lab. Learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.


Cannabinoid Water – Velocity SEO

CBD Websites and Domains

We took the time to start optimizing various CBD related domains so we can hand you a website with traffic to start selling your new CBD product right away. We also purchased thousands of domains to get you the best domain for your product for the least money possible. We did this so domain brokers did not have a chance to resell them for top dollar.

cbd website seo

CBD Websites


Here is an example of a website Cannabinoid Water and Velocity SEO created and optimized to hand over to you. We took a screenshot of the first page of the analytics so you can see how effective our system is.

CBD Domains


Here is a list of domains we can offer you


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