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We Offer These Top Notch Services.

Velocity SEO New York, has a team of vetted artists, marketing majors, developers, coders, and nerds and have built 21 locations so far across the United States. We have been featured in many magazines and have won a ton of awards.

Web Development

We have created an awesome theme that will help designers, developers and companies create websites for their startups quickly and easily.


Website Hosting

We offer many different website hosting packages from as low as $4.99/mo. We offer shared servers and private hosting for business or personal use.


Search Engine Optimization

We are the only company around that is so confident in our Search Engine Optimization service that we offer a money back guarantee if we miss our mark.


Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

We listen to your input, research the best keywords, and set up your campain flawlessly. We make sure you get the most leads and spend the least money.


App Development

Let us help you make your idea into a reality. Let us help create something to make your business run more efficiently. We can do anything.


Online Reputation Management

The internet is an amazing tool. However it can be used for dark purposes as well. Let us be your online guardian, and insure you keep your good name online.


Social Media

We will handle all of your social media needs. Create a business page, pay-per-click, geo-target clients for advertising. We are connected with every platform.


Directory Submission

We select the best directories to submit your website details, like name , link and description of your website. This gets you more traffic from search engines.


Brand & Identity

We help designers, developers and companies create websites, logos, videos and marketing materials for their startups quickly and easily.


Copy Writing

We have mastered the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action.


Graphic Design

We create visual concepts, using software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers through digital or paper advertisements, brochures, magazines, and more….


Customer Service

We believe that aside from experience and skill, great customer service can make or break a company. We are available 24 a day 7 days a week to help.

"Search Engine Optimization isn’t an option, it is a necessity. More and more businesses are started each and every day. What were once niche products or services are now overcrowded marketplaces where consumers have more options than they know what do with. The Internet has revolutionized the way societies conduct business. Whenever a new idea comes around, there are instantly hundreds of companies trying to capitalize on it. SEO brings order to that chaotic world. Velocity SEO is how businesses set themselves apart, how they get all the revenue even though there are a plethora of competitors with the exact same offer for consumers."

Webmaster Charles Panoyan / Velocity SEO

All-Star Team.

Velocity SEO New York and and the team of creative specialists can make anything you can imagine a reality. Call us anytime! We love to help.

Joshua Leidolf

Designer / Copywriter / Master Artist
luis perdomo - Web Designer

Luis Perdomo


Charles Panoyan

Webmaster / Project Manager

Keya Paral

Designer / Copywriter

Michael Zanetti


Lesley Kamarad

Designer / Social Media

Kalani Antoniou

Designer / Social Media / Copywriter

Cris Haven

Designer / Developer / Computer Nerd

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